Photographer Lucinda du Toit

Choose classic over trendy make-up on your wedding day.

When it comes to bridal make-up it is best not to trendy make-up like a
orange lip and blue eye shadow as this will date.  It is better to do
something classic look at Grace Kelly timeously classic forever you
cannot remember the era she got married in.

Weddings generally come in colour schemes like pink. So bridesmaids will
dress in pink, flowers will be pink so it will be better to keep
make-up in pinky shades as oranges wont go as it is to warm.

Then you get the coral weddings, yellows, oranges and golds these are
warm colours so pinks won’t really go.

You also get the no colour weddings when everything is white and flowers
are white and green and with these you can do anything.

Winter weddings the reds you could have a neutral make-up with a soft
red lip and rosy cheek, it lends it self to that but it must also suit you.

Remember the make-up must suit your skin tone and colouring as well as
the amount you use as you want it to look natural. You should look like
a more polished version of yourself. It is better to do a classic shape
so that it wont date.

You need to approach it as a red carpet affair, careful of to much light
reflection under your eyes rather use it on the high point of the cheek
and under the brow-bone, avoid shimmery powder all over.

When you go for your trial wear a white top to see what the make-up
looks like with white.  You might need more blush it might look like you
are washed out or to dark eyes might look to harsh with the white dress.

Your make-up also needs to last all day so think about that.  Look for
long lasting products, waterproof foundation, powder, waterproof liners,
mascara. All of these will help.  Use thin layers of everything loads of
everything will not hold and just come off.  Everything needs to be
blended seamlessly.

Be careful of to much shimmer on the body just use a touch  on the
collar bones and shoulders as to much shine will reflect.

When using a make-up artist experienced in this field you will need to
do minimum touch up like lips, lipstick won’t last through all the
kisses you are going to receive as well as a little powder for shine
control. Ask your bridesmaid to hold your touch up kit for you.

Bride Bianca le Roux

Photographer Lucinda du Toit

Venue Oakfield Farm