Bride Venita Van Rooyen


Although planning a wedding can be exciting and fun it can also be very overwhelming and even a little scary.

I am sure you have covered every single item  hundreds of times from your venue, the photographer, your beautiful dress, food, flowers, etc all these things add up to the perfection of the big day.  Have you thought about your make-up and why you would need a make-up artist on your special day?

Choosing the right make-up artist is also very important someone who will listen to you, someone who has been working in the wedding industry who understands the pressure of dealing with emotions running wild on the day.

Your make-up is as important as the choice of gown, accessories and your hair as they all go hand in hand, the one cannot go without the other. All that you have left of the day are the memories and photos and I am sure you want them to be as perfect as the day was.

I personally  always recommend a trial so that there are no surprises on the wedding day. This will give you and idea to chat with your make-up artist and show her your ideas, theme if there is one, colours of bridesmaids dresses, flowers etc this all aids in the design of your make-up.  You will also be able to wear the make-up for the day to see how it holds or if you re-act to any products which you can discuss with your make-up artist and make changes before the big day.

Make-up should only enhance you and since you are going to be photographed and/or videotaped you want to make sure you look good. Make-up will help with that since the lighting/flash of the camera tends to wash people out.  Make-up artist use photochromic make-up to ensure you achieve true colour in the photographs or videos, this will ensure that you will not have a ghostlike appearance on your photos.