The Masters brush Cleaner and Preserver

I think I may have died and gone to heaven when I found this. It has been around

for years. I was a little concerned about what it would do to my sensitive skin because it  is actually

a brush cleaner to clean Acrylic and Oil Paint of art brushes.

I did a little research and found that the ingredients are proprietary and therefore not

available to anyone. It is a non-toxic product and the Best of all is that it has not

been tested as a beauty related product.  Those of you who know me know how important it is to me.

They do not recommend this for make-up brushes and it has not been tested for that purpose. As make-up artists we put a lot of stuff on our faces which is not meant for the face. So why should I not give this a try.

So now that you know the facts let me tell you about my experience with this cleaner.

I take  most of the foundation off with a baby wipe and dip the brush into some warm water. I swivel the brush around in the cleaner it looks like a cake of soap and I work it into a lather and then rinse under the tap. Repeat the process if necessary.  You will be shocked to see what comes out off your brushes.  It is also a preserver so if a little of the product stays behind it is good for the brushes.  It gets rid of the most stubborn foundations, cream products, paints, IE Aqua and Supra Paints from Kryolan, lipsticks and shadows in a jiffy and it rinses out easily. It has not damaged any of my brushes including the real hair brushes. I have had no reactions to the product. It is not great for on-site cleaning but for deep cleaning at home it is excellent.

I think I paid about R60 for it and it seems to last forever. I go through bottles of alcohol and this product is not even half way.

Feel free to give it a try but know that it has not been tested for make-up brushes or the beauty industry.