Time is the Enemy

I started doing bridal make-up in 1999 and the one thing Brides do not always understand is the time schedule  for most it is there first wedding but for us as suppliers it has been a couple of hundreds. Depending on suppliers things like time-lines /schedules have now been included in there contracts such as The arrival/ start time and the completion of services.

The reasons for these schedules/time-lines is to keep things running on time for our clients and thus avoiding unnecessary stress.  When our clients do not adhere to the schedules or time-lines it can throw the whole day off and even make you late for your photographer and the ceremony.

Many contracts do have “fine print” now in order to prevent this from happening 10 minutes late can slide the day forward and can then find an easy blame on someone else especially if it causes you to miss out on photos on the day.

Specific times are given to you by your supplier, trust them this is what they do for a living and although every wedding is different the time lines regarding services are always the same.

If  a supplier gives you a time-line they have already added in time for for things like dressing, travel and photos. It is always best to have a little extra time and under no circumstances should you shorten your suppliers given time schedule.

Read your contracts many suppliers DO reserve the right  to charge extra when you make them wait longer than the agreed upon time frames.

So please be advised that we as suppliers take your wedding day very seriously and aim with all our abilities to keep it as relaxed, fun and stress free as possible, so do heed our time-lines suggested to you.