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Why use a Makeup Artist

Professional Make-Up Artist for Weddings and other occassions

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Dear Bride The dress is one in a million find, from the lace detailing to the little pearls adorning the bodice.  The Hairstylist is all set to weave some magic.  The photographer has been given a pretty penny to produce a record of your special day that will likely be around long after you are gone.  But what about your Makeup?  Have you added that important Make artist to your team yet? Simply put, professionally applied makeup will help complete the look you have spent so many months pulling together.  Just a simple application that takes into consideration your unique features can have a surprising effect.  Melting talent, skill, training and experience, a Makeup Artist with a Professional Photographer, can produce amazing results in your photographs.You may have seen pictures of Bride’s looking washed out and pasty, having very dark eyes that seem to disappear, or wearing bold coloured eye shadow like blue or green.  No amount or retouching can get rid of imperfections like these in your photographs.  But, it is important to add that bridal makeup does not need to be applied with a heavy hand in order to appeal to the camera.  After all, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask or disguise on your wedding day.  Most important, you need to find a Makeup artist who will listen to your ideas and be able to interpret them.  The last thing you want is someone telling you how you should look on your wedding day.For many Brides, having the services of a Makeup Artist is a luxury.  My desire is not only to provide you with a Makeup service, but also to create an experience that is as unique and special as your wedding day.  My goal is to be your personal Makeup artist not only for this special day, but also for many years to come.Cicilia KaufmannPhone: 083 632 1552 or email cicilia(at)ckmakeup(dot)com


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